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Dreams that can Kill

Two Scoops of Grace

7 October 1988
eru, n. creator, god. anna, n. gift. grace.

About me:
Im 22 years old, female, from Canada, half French-Canadian.
I like animation, comics, sci-fi and fantasy, reading, nudity, fetish and alternative fashions, gourmet food and wine, ect. The list goes on, I have many interests.
Im an artist, and I enjoy all things to do with art in general.
Im a Christian, non denominational, I currently go to a rather charasmatic pentacostal church.
You can find my gallery and artwork at my website, The Silver Fortress

Things you will find in my journal:

- My artwork. I'll post what Im working on a lot. Iv recently begun trying to sell work online, so I might get a tad advertisment-ish, but really its more about the work itself, I love comments and opinions and interpretations.
- Comic Nudity. My work is often more on the risque/shocking end of the spectrum, but never fear, all nudity and such content is safely locked away behind cuts.
- Movies, books, and other general media I intake. I hesistate to call them reviews really, since I am not a reviewer by any stretch, but mostly just my thoughts. Its a good excersize to write a bit about these sorts of things, makes the process of watching a movie more interactive and creative.
- Plugs for other artists. As I have recently begun to sell online, Iv also recently begun to buy online, and Im anxious to share with you my wonderfull amazing indie finds.
- A little bit about my life. Though the purpose of my journal is not a diary, its not a daily look into my life, and I wont be going over the mundanities about each and every day, still there will be a few posts here and there about myself and what goes on in my life and in my head.
- Anything else I find interesting. The purpose of my journal is meant as a sharing of myself with the world. Anything I happen to find interesting/worthy of note Ill want to talk about. This is a communication project, and I hope to get your feedback :)

Add me if:
Im not looking for highschool drama. Im most interested in meeting other artists, open minded people, intellectuals, people who share a love of film and culture.
I will read all your journal entries and try to comment as often as I can, but even if Im not commenting rest assured I am reading.


My first ever zine, a comic booklet of 14 pages, black and white and printed on pink paper, on how-tos and tips for how to remove pubic hair and avoid ingrown hairs and itchy rashes.

If this listing says "Sold-Out" check my account for another listing, wait untill I relist it, or just message me. :)</div>